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You Can Actually See Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid In Orbit From One Of Its Planets

by GeekyAdminSeptember 15, 2017
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You Can Actually See Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid In Orbit From One Of Its Planets

It didn’t take especially long for the first group to beat Destiny 2’s new Leviathan Raid. For most players, it’s a challenge that will persist for weeks or months, but whatever the case, it’s now a permanent part of the game. Even if you’re not prepared to jump into the Raid anytime soon, its addition does have a cool, albeit minor impact on all players.

The Raid is accessed through the Director by selecting an icon for the Leviathan, which is located near Nessus. But its proximity to Nessus on that screen is also representative of its in-game location: As seen in the images below, when you’re on the surface on Nessus now, you can actually look up and see the Leviathan in the sky. You can’t physically access it, but seeing it there adds a neat bit of presence to something that could have easily be confined to the Director screen and nothing more.

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If you’re feeling up to the challenge of the Raid, you can check out our Leviathan Raid guide for tips and a walkthrough, including some weapon recommendations. Those who are not quite at that level yet can also try out the latest Nightfall Strike, which provides another good opportunity to secure the Rat King Exotic sidearm. The Guided Games feature was introduced this week in beta, providing an in-game way to form a Fireteam for tackling the Nightfall.

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