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Xbox One Mod Tool Vantage Free Release Results
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Xbox One Mod Tool Vantage Free Release Results

by GeekyAdminJune 14, 2017

It has been a long time coming but there is finally a gamesave mod tool for Microsoft’s Xbox One console named Vantage. Although we suspect saves have been modded for a while without a public release, a new tool named Vantage has been released for free (at the moment), it will probably feature paid options later on.

When we downloaded the Vantage gamesave mod tool, the first thing we did is a virus scan which came up clean! Being really paranoid though alarm bells did ring when the application asked for your Microsoft accounts login and password. The app requires access to gamesaves linked to the account, so you will be required to login, we used a dummy account until more is known about this tool.

There is only one game available on the tool right now, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. As we used a dummy account it did require that we played through the introduction level ‘FNG’ to get a modifiable gamesave.
Once we created a gamesave the tool recognised it and a variety of options opened up allowing us to mod the campaign mode of COD4 Remastered.

The mods are nothing new, it is basically the old cod tool remastered! It has a DVAR modding function, also some preset on/off mod options such as God Mode, infinite ammo, unlimited sprint.
All the mods worked very well during testing, some mods do require resetting after checkpoints, but as the tool is linked to your Microsoft account and not a save device, it is easy to refresh the mods.

This is first a public release for Xbox One mods, there is only one game available right now, however there is a storage device explorer coming soon according to the creators of Vantage.

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