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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teases What Could Be Next In The Last Jedi

by GeekyAdminNovember 15, 2017
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teases What Could Be Next In The Last Jedi

In Star Wars Battlefront II‘s single-player campaign, Iden Versio and the Imperial special-forces unit Inferno Squad work to keep the Empire in control of the galaxy. While the days of the Empire are ultimately numbered, what follows throughout the lead character’s story are several clues and hints for the events that would come to pass in The Force Awakens. However, there’s one mission during the single-player adventure that teases something that has yet to come to pass in The Last Jedi. Be warned, what follows are slight-spoilers for Battlefront II’s story campaign, along with some small speculation for The Last Jedi.

During Chapter 3 in the campaign, players take control of Luke Skywalker on the uncolonized planet of Pillio. As the Jedi Master searches for the Emperor’s secret vault, he runs into several stormtroopers and hostile wildlife. He eventually crosses paths with Officer Del of Inferno Squad–who’s come to the planet to destroy the vault as per the Emperor’s posthumous orders. Working together, they make it through a number of obstacles while learning more about each other. Eventually, they make it to the vault and Luke finds a peculiar compass hidden inside one of the Emperor’s treasure chests. Del allows him to keep it despite going against his orders, and the two part ways on good terms.

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This is the only appearance Luke makes in the campaign, and the game makes a point to show that this item is important. The compass features designs similar to that of a star map, which were an important part of the story for The Force Awakens. With the story in Battlefront II being entirely canonical–meaning what happens during the campaign is now a part of the established Star Wars story–everything mentioned in the story picks up from past events, but also has the potential to tease what’s to come, even with smaller interludes like this.

On Reddit, a user took a photo of some upcoming Hot Toys merchandise for The Last Jedi, and some promo art features an older Luke Skywalker holding a rather peculiar item. Upon closer look, you’ll see that it’s none other than the compass shown in Battlefront II’s campaign.

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What this could mean for The Last Jedi remains to be seen, but it could potentially bring Rey and Luke on a journey that could take them to the hidden corners of the universe, where possibly more history behind the Jedi order could be revealed.

Be sure to check out our review in progress for Star Wars Battlefront II, along with upcoming guides for the game closer to its release. Next month, GameSpot will also have our full-review of The Last Jedi, where we’ll dive into whether or not the next sequel lives up to the last film.

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