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Microsoft will change the avatar’s appearance and will adapt it for Project Scorpio
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Microsoft will change the avatar’s appearance and will adapt it for Project Scorpio

by GeekyAdminNovember 17, 2014

It is an area that takes time without being thoroughly reviewed. It was rumored in his day that Microsoft wanted to make our avatars something more mature and less caricatured. That change never came to produce and was a great disappointment for many players who at least expected more interaction with them beyond seeing them there doing their usual nonsense in the dashboard .

Now we can confirm that Microsoft is taking it seriously to modify our beloved virtual friends and while it is not known to exact science is what they are going to do with them if we know they are looking for people to work on the basis of The originals. It is possible to have design changes as related job offers express that they want to bring the avatars to a new stage in high fidelity.

They will work directly with our internal studios, our external developers and deliver the highest quality user image visual elements in the industry for Microsoft platforms.

It also seems that we will see changes in interaction with the user. Those chosen to work in this new division must also be able to work throughout the entire ecosystem so that avatars take advantage of each specific advantage of either HoloLens, Windows 10 or Xbox.

They will take advantage of the relationships within Windows and the group of divisions HoloLens, Microsoft Research, and Microsoft Games Studios to bring new approaches in the creation of contents and technologies to our mark.

So wait to see what is what Americans have prepared with the avatars of Xbox. It is certainly more than good news for users who still wanted to take advantage of these nice little dolls. Recently Microsoft has given us the ability to upload our own gamerpics so this looks like an attempt to make avatars not be forgotten and continue to generate revenue through purchases for garments and additions.

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