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[Tutorial] Play Backups on PS4 OFW Retail 1.76

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    [Tutorial] Play Backups on PS4 OFW Retail 1.76


    What you will require:

    – 1.76 console
    – socat
    – elf loader
    – cmd
    – filezilla
    – ftp payload
    – netcat
    – decrypted game modules of the game you’re using
    – filesystem of the game you’re using
    – kernel hooks patch

    1. Replace the encrypted game modules with the decrypted modules
    2. Turn on your PS4 and enable FTP Payload
    3. Go to data and make a folder called CUSAXXXXX
    4. Drag and drop the game filesystem that you’re using with the decrypted modules into CUSAXXXXX
    5. Once it has finished switch off console to clean memory
    6. Switch on PS4
    7. Start ELF loader on PC
    8. Open cmd and cd to socat directory
    9. Open the browser on PS4 and go to ELF loader
    10. Once it has got to stage 5 and its stabilized then execute this command in your socat cmd window

    socat -u FILE:kernel_hooks TCP:ps4ip:5054 (example socat -u FILE:kernel_hooks TCP:

    11. If it executes correctly without out of memory error then run listener with

    netcat nc ps4ip 5088 (example nc 5088)

    12. If a cmd window comes up and says started successfully at the bottom then minimize browser with ps button and run the playroom



    Credits: psxhax for simplifying the info for us, Zecoxao for the kernel_hooks.elf and BurtE for putting the tut together

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